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For hundreds of years, decorative finished furniture pieces have adorned residences around the world.  From 17th and 18th century Venetian hand-painted pieces, to the stylistic trends of the 19th century, the styles and trends of the past will always influence the decorative faux painting techniques applied to pieces of the present and the future.


We have learned learn many decorative finishes such as: the Painted Antiqued Chip-off finish, Tortoise, Wood Burl, Chinese Layered Lacquer, Distressed Gold and Silver Leafing techniques, Antiqued Patched Crackle, Venetian Base finishes, Furniture Borders, Hand-Padded Resin finishes, Distressed Old World finishes, Distressed Gessoed finishes, and a whole lot more.


Today, interior designers seek out talented faux painting professionals who have the unique skills required to apply decorative paint finishes to furniture, cabinetry, and accessory pieces in such a way as to match or compliment the designer's various settings. These faux painting experts who possess the ability to create such decorative painting effects and apply them accordingly, will continually find their services to be in great demand.


This special niche of decorative paint application is not just limited to faux finishing pieces of furniture, but also includes applying faux finishing techniques to decorative accessories, built-in architectural details, iron work, wood trim and carved moldings, fireplace mantels, cabinetry, and many other unusual substrates.


The techniques we have learned will range from simplistic one-layer soft finishes to a delicate process of building layer-after-layer to create very sophisticated effects. We

understand the importance of how preparation plays an importance in learning the correct primers and base coats needed to execute these finishes -achieving the proper base coat and building proper color work, toning and amplifying, as well as other embellishing techniques.


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