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C&M painting and finishing contractor is based in central New York. Founded in 2008, C&M Finishes has worked tirelessly to establish a reputation of superb quality and an attention to detail unlike any other for decades.


Being a union contractor with the current systems of retirement planning, health insurance packages, and significant on-site career development and training in place, C&M Finishes operates unlike most contractors. Leadership takes a position of staff investment and believes strongly in career building. Bernard and Anthony work diligently to create unity and confidence with staff, and an environment of trust and loyalty.


Company culture at C&M Finishes is vital. Leadership has strategically developed a culture of openness and educational advancement. Honesty, integrity, and reliability are some of the fundamental values C&M was built on and continues to operate on today. Recognizing its' clientèle, C&M believes clearly communicating culture and employing team members who share these beliefs are crucial to creating an environment in sync with leadership values.


C&M Finishes respects its clientèle and can ensure all customers of its integrity, legality, and compliance with all New York state laws. Much of the industry has fallen victim to dishonorable operating practices including black market employment, under-insured or lack of insurance, improper disposal of hazardous waste, incorrect tax reporting, utilizing cost saving inferior product and countless more. As rules and regulations are increasingly strict and rapidly changing - which increase operating cost - we take a firm stand on these issues and have a zero tolerance policy.


Having grown to solidify its reputation in the market. C&M prides itself on the wide array of projects completed including commercial warehouses, retail, high-end residential, high-rise penthouses, and even yachts; and air-craft there is no project too small or too large!


While C&M Finishes does fall under the umbrella of (Signatory) “Painting Contractors” they feel as if this term does not adequately describe who they are. C&M is not just in the painting business; rather they are customer service oriented for the clients' needs. C&M has built life-long relationships with its clientèle and believes it more accurately fits into the description of problem solvers With one of the most experienced and diversely talented teams in the industry, if we can find a way to do it, we will!


At C&M, we pride ourselves in our broad knowledge of different techniques, treating countless substrates, and experiences with an infinite number of “sticky situations.”  We’ve almost seen it all, and most certainly have learned from every experience.


We create visual understanding

As artisans, the best way to translate our vision and style is through sample-making. We have produced a multitude of samples that help guide our clients. Every finish is “custom” reflecting new ideas and samples that are absolutely unique to C&M and our clients needs.


Consultation Services

Color, texture, and design consultation have become a very popular service. We give clients a visual plan to meet their budget and then execute it. We can do it all … or just a little.

For a  Decorative Finish, Project Design & Colour Consultation, we can help with:

Color consultation and design

Overall design & technique consultation

On-site training for the technique

Sample development

Detailed paint schedule and paint specifications submitted for applicators (duplicates provided for architects, designers, builders and owners etc.)

On-site visits ensuring quality and colour matching on every project



C&M Finishes has a professional, administrative staff.  We are quick to respond to your needs, provide you with courteous service, and create professional documents for your project. Let us serve you and explore ideas with you!





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